Welcome to the Official website for the Committee to Elect Aaron “A” G. O’Neal. We think A is the best choice for electing a genuine small government conservative to the US Senate from North Carolina. A has been working hard in the private sector running his small business, while participating in the public discourse by helping to elect other conservatives to public office. Now, he is in a position where he can set aside private life while personally committing his experience, resources, and time to the cause of liberty, by serving as a conservative voice in the senate. A is a different kind of man; he’s not on an ego or power trip; and he will be a different kind of public servant.

Take for example the name of this site, "Hold On To Liberty.com". It was suggested we use a site name such as "AaronONeal2014.com", and admittedly, that is customary. But , A wouldn't have it, saying," the campaign is bigger than Aaron O'Neal. It is truly about holding on to liberty". So, if you are a Tea Party activist, Republican, Independent or a Democrat who has had enough - you love the Constitution and the liberty it protects, and you have found your choice for US Senator from North Carolina. Come help us Hold On To Liberty!

Aaron “A” G. O’Neal